• Date: April 4, 2022
  • Client: Get Consulting, Inc
  • Category:
  • Address: 403 Shawinigan Dr. SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2Y 3A2



  • Hydraulic calculations 
  • Mass and energy balance, hydraulic calculations, pipes and equipments sizing
  • Design of distillation unit including separators, pumps, piping components, heat transfer, process control
  • Computer design using software : Hysys / Pipesys simulation to design gas processing plant,  NGLs, crude oil refining and propylene glycol plants




  • Drilling exploratory program and well servicing operation : auger drilling, rotary drilling, coring
  •  Drilling supervision program :  material logging, sampling – spoon spilt sampling, thin wall shelby tube, coring preparation, material description
  • Reservoir petrophysical  log analysis and interpretation, formation evaluation including gamma logs, spontaneous potential, resistivity logs, porosity logs, caliper log and crossplots techniques
  • Reservoir engineering and simulation using software CMG and Eclipse for, black oil simulation, compositional simulator and dry gas. PVT analysis with WinProp

Oilfield and gas production operations: formation damage, wellbore skin components, well completions and stimulation, principles of oil and gas production mechanics, flow of fluids from the formation to the surface facility, reservoir inflow performance,  multiphase flow, artificial lift, surface facilities design, production logging